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Last January, fans got hit with a mix of awe and envy at an Attack on Titan event in Osaka where the heroes’ 3-D maneuver gear was on display. Looking over the intricate harness and paired swords, it was hard not to find yourself wanting a set of your very own.

Soon enough, that anime daydream can come true, as preorders have now started for life-size replicas of Attack on Titan’s iconic giant-killing battlefield technology.

The colossal cosplay bundle is crafted by Movic, the same veteran merchandising company behind the 3-D maneuver gear shown in Osaka (and also the elegant Japanese-style Pokémon artwork we’ve been eyeing for our bare living room walls). At 99,800 yen (US $915), Movic is asking for a serious hunk of change, but it’s offering a serious hunk of awesomeness in return.

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The kit, made out of aluminum, ABS plastic, and silicon, looks to include all the accouterments of the anime design, including two gun grip-mounted blades. Movic’s even sent out a couple of teaser photos of the rig being modeled, in order to help fans get over the high wall its price point constitutes.

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The 3-D maneuver gear can be ordered directly from Movic here, with delivery scheduled for late January of 2015. While that won’t be soon enough for this coming Halloween, it should still arrive in plenty of time for next summer’s anime convention season, and you can spend the time until then working out so you can move around with 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of Attack on Titan love strapped to your hips.

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