Who doesn’t love brightly colored and irresistibly soft objects that you can jiggle, poke and burst, right?  Well, once again, the lovely ladies at our Japanese sister site Pouch have found a delightful item to share with you, and this time, it’s something that’s not only fun to look at and touch, but cleansing as well — quite literally.

It’s the colorful Hiruan-dama soap ball that comes packaged in a small balloon which you have to burst to take out the soap, and the jelly-like texture is as hard to resist as the softness of a newborn baby’s cheek!

hiarun top

The Hiruan-dama soap ball is a unique type of soap developed and sold by Miyabi Cosmetics that uses tamarind grown in South East Asia and also contains hyaluronic acid for increased moisturizing effect.

In addition to the quality and texture of the soap, what makes this item even more attractive is the part where you get to burst a balloon in order to take out the ball-shaped product! The diagram below shows you exactly how it’s done: 1. Take the soap  out of the box; 2. Break the balloon package with a toothpick; 3. Remove the pieces of the broken balloon; 4. The soap is now ready to be used!


Miyabi Cosmetics have been selling the soap since 2011, but they have just recently revamped their selection and packaging earlier this month. There are currently eight types of the soap ball available.

The “Moist” line soaps come in Natural, Rose, Orange and Lavender:

hiarun lineup 2

And the Natural, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass and Lime Mint types in the “Crystal” line offer a more fresh finish.

hiarun lineup 1

Each soap ball comes in a beautiful box that’s sure to delight anyone who receives one as a gift.

hiarun box

And of course, you have to feel how soft the jelly-like soap is! Goodness, that must feel incredible!

hiarun punyo

The ball may have an amazing texture, but it can be used just like regular soap. See, it lathers like any other solid soap!

hiarun soap

Opening up a deluxe box and bursting a balloon to take out a soft, moisturizing soap that feels like jelly — now, we’re sure you can understand why we think this would make a great present! And naturally, we’re dying to touch and poke at the soap just from looking at the pictures. Each soap is priced at 1,944 yen (approx US$18), so yes, they can be called a luxury item, but who can say no to a bit of pampering now and then?

▼We’ll  leave you with a video that shows how to remove the soap from the packaging.

Source and photos: Miyabi Cosmetics website, Miyabi Cosmetics Yahoo online shop, Miyabi’s Blog (all in Japanese)
Original article by: Bambi Minamino (c)Pouch 
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