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Rule 34 of the internet states that, if something exists, so too does a porn version of it. Take any subject matter you like: household appliances, hamsters, Yoshi from Nintendo’s Super Mario series (no, seriously), and, as the saying goes: “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.”

While we’d never dream of questioning the Internet Gods’ omnipotence, we have to admit that we genuinely never saw this newest entry in awkward adult entertainment coming. Yes, gentle reader, there now exists porn based on the antics of shamed politician Ryutaro Nonomura, the government official who shot to fame earlier this year when he sobbed uncontrollably through a press conference where he was asked to account for vast sums of money he maintained he had spent on travel.

Poor old Nonomura become an internet sensation barely minutes after a short broadcast showing him wailing, weeping, yelling and banging his fist at a press conference was uploaded to YouTube. Although many have now been removed, the original video spawned numerous creative parodies, with everything from J-pop reimaginings of his peculiar “I can’t hear you” ear-cupping gesture and pained expression to guitar covers of his wails appearing online.

Knowing the Japanese adult video industry, it was probably only a matter of time before it happened, but the embarrassing behaviour of a politician at a press conference isn’t something that immediately makes us think “sexy fun times,” if we’re being totally honest.

Nevertheless, someone out there made an adult video out of it.

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Starring Japanese AV star Reiko Kobayakawa as politician “Reiko Nonogawa”, the video reportedly recreates Ryutaro Nonomura’s eye-wateringly awkward interview, complete with fake on-screen subtitles and graphics, before–we presume, we’re too scared to look lest our mothers walk into the room–some form of exciting, grown-ups-only love action occurs.

Chances are the video will be less of a biting critique of the Japanese political system and instead focus more heavily on bare bottoms bobbing up an down, so anyone hoping to add a bit of political satire to their AV collection will no doubt be disappointed.

Still, at least now we have a brand new example of how Rule 34 is never, ever wrong.

WARNING: the below-linked Japanese site includes a URL for an adult website hosting the above video and as such is extremely not safe for work.

Source: Kinosoku
Screenshots via Kinisoku