A new way to get smelly otaku to take a shower: Trap sexy anime girls inside of soap【Photos】

A suggestive suggestion to shower more frequently.

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Young woman-scent body soap and deodorant becomes a hit with lonely Japanese dudes

Deoco dudes desire feminine fragrance for lessening loneliness.

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Japanese netizen’s sole talent of making dense foam out of face wash impresses Internet

This person may not think they’re good at anything else, but they sure are good at making bubbles.

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Dirty dishes? Just grab that shaft and work it until sticky liquid comes squirting out.

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Create 3-D artworks from hand soap with the Awamoko pen from Japan

Now you can make frothy 3-D art in an instant with a cute new device from Japan.

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“World’s first washable smartphone” goes on sale in Japan accompanied by cheese-tastic ad【Video】

Foolishly allowed a sticky-fingered child to hold your phone? Have a crippling fear of germs and wish you could disinfect everything? Now there’s a smartphone you can wash with soap and water!

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Keep clean with awesome Mickey-shaped soap foam at Tokyo Disney Resort’s new Hand Washing Areas!

It’s a well-established fact that Disney theme parks are places of dream and magic. Well, visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort can now feel the magic even while washing their hands — courtesy of the special “Hand Washing Areas” that officially opened today July 1 at both parks in the Resort.

Yes, guests at Tokyo Disney Resort can now wash their hands with adorable Mickey-shaped soap foam, and parents just may have to deal with their children wanting to wash their hands too many times instead of not enough!

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Clean up your game with these amazing Game Boy cartridge soaps

There are few things worse than greasy game controllers. As much as we enjoy snacking while playing our favourite games, doing so can be a recipe for sticky, slippery disaster, so the mere sight of our friends reaching for our Wiimotes or DualShock controllers with their Cheeto-encrusted fingers can be enough to send shivers our spines.

Ordering your pals to go and wash up before handling your precious pads might not foster the most hospitable gaming environment, but thankfully there’s a way to make the situation not only slightly less awkward, but suitably more video game themed: by handing your pal a Game Boy cartridge-shaped bar of soap while pointing them in the direction of the bathroom.

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Soft, squidgy and irresistible — these beautiful jelly soap balls have to be popped open to use

Who doesn’t love brightly colored and irresistibly soft objects that you can jiggle, poke and burst, right?  Well, once again, the lovely ladies at our Japanese sister site Pouch have found a delightful item to share with you, and this time, it’s something that’s not only fun to look at and touch, but cleansing as well — quite literally.

It’s the colorful Hiruan-dama soap ball that comes packaged in a small balloon which you have to burst to take out the soap, and the jelly-like texture is as hard to resist as the softness of a newborn baby’s cheek!

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