Okay, let’s admit it, hair can be a big deal for girls. How long or short should our hair be? Should we wear it up or down? And another seriously important question is, “Should we have bangs or not?” Yes, that can be a biggie, since it can change your look considerably, and once you cut your hair to get bangs, it can take a long time for it to grow back again. Well, if you’re having a hard time deciding about your bangs, then this could be an item you may want to try. It’s a hairband … with built-in bangs!

At first glance, the hairband on its own may look strange indeed, but once you take a closer look, you can see that it may actually be quite a convenient way to change your look. It’s easier and less expensive to try than a full wig, and you can just slip it on whenever you like to suit your mood and fashion, without having to worry about cutting or growing your bangs.

The hairband, available from major Japanese cosmetics manufacturer Shiseido, comes in three colors:light brown, brown and black. The artificial hair attached to the band is made from heat-resistant fiber and can even be styled with a dryer.


▼This is how the hairband comes packaged.SHOHIN_PL_C4_664401_L

The picture below shows what the hairband looks like when worn. You can see it instantly adds volume to your hairstyle, and even better, the bangs can easily be detached depending on whether you want them or not.


▼They even have a video on the Shiseido website showing how to put on the hairband!

Apparently, the idea of a hairband with bangs attached seems to have quite taken off, and there have been many tweets shared on the Japanese internet that show various examples of such hairbands, not just the one from Shiseido that we’ve introduced above.

▼ Here are some of the tweets showing the different hairbands with bangs. The girls seem to be quite happy with the products:

So, if you’re having serious difficulty deciding whether to cut your hair to get bangs or not, or if you’re not quite happy with the way your bangs look, than it may be worth trying one of these hairbands. The band from Shiseido costs 9,504 yen (US$88.21), but there are similar products available online for as little as 1,000 yen ($9.28). It certainly looks fun and should be a safer option than cutting off part of your hair!

Source: Shiseido website (Japanese), Naver Matome (Japanese)
Photos: Shiseido website
Original Article by: Yayoi Saginomiya (c) Pouch
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