Customer’s female coworkers end up making a very good recommendation.

People often say that the clothes make the man, but the man-making power of the haircut is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Especially in a country that takes grooming as seriously as Japan does, a professional trim and styling can work wonders in creating a whole new aura for a person, and here with proof of that is Sho Otsuki (@DIECE_SHOU on Twitter), head stylist at Tokyo hair salon Diece Shibuya.

Diece has earned a bit of a reputation for the transformative skills of its stylists, particularly for male clients. Recently a customer came in for a cut after a number of his female coworkers had recommended the place to him, and when he sat down in the chair, he looked like this.

Not bad, but not likely to turn any heads either. After talking things over with Otsuki, they decided to lighten and brighten his look by getting rid of its downward visual heaviness of his sides and bangs, plus do a bit of eyebrow trimming while they were at it.

So how’d he look when they were finished?

Like a whole new person.

Significantly trimming the sides and adding a bit of a wind-swept look to his bangs gives the customer a confident, athletic look, along with some dashing devil-may-care lightheartedness.

In addition to racking up close to a million views, the amazing video has earned comments including:

“Only one word to describe this: incredible.”
“He’s become a total dandy!”
“What, that’s the same guy?!?”
“It’s almost like they brought in a professional actor for the second half.”
“His female coworkers know a diamond in the rough when they find one.”
“He’s gonna get a huge reaction when he walks into the office looking like that!”

▼ Before

▼ After

Of course, at the end of the day it’s what’s on the inside that’s important, but the smile on the customer’s face shows that he’s feeling as good as he’s looking.

Source: Twitter/@DIECE_SHOU via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@DIECE_SHOU
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