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McDonald’s celebrates launch of humongous burger with teeny tiny toys.

To accompany their launch of the limited edition Grand Big Mac (two meat patties) and Giga Big Mac (FOUR meat patties) earlier this month, McDonald’s Japan has teamed up with Nanoblock, the “amazingly small micro-sized building block”, to offer a matching build your own burger set.

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In contrast to the irregularly large burgers, these toys use the world’s tiniest building block to recreate the chain’s iconic burger, fries, and soda.

Each kit costs 400 yen (US $3.60) or you can get the three-item set for 1,150 yen (US$10.40) and they’ll be on sale at McDonald’s stores across Japan while stocks last.


Check out our post for more details on the mega burgers shown above or, if you’re more into miniature Lego-like toys than meat monstrosities, take a look at Nanoblock’s upcoming Evangelion Unit-01, due on sale later this month.

Source: Narinari
Images: McDonald’s, Nanoblock