Get your hands on this beast of a burger!

There’s definitely no shortage of unique hamburgers here in Japan. Whether it’s burgers with an unusual choice of sauce or burgers that have actual gold powder in them, Japan will always come up with quirky new burger inventions.

But there are times where you just feel like a greasy, no-frills burger. And when talking about tasty burgers, one phrase springs to mind: bigger is better.

With this in mind, we at SoraNews24 found ourselves heading to Yokohama, to find one of the biggest ones on offer. Aptly named ‘the Monster Burger’, it consists of five thick, juicy patties, with a layer of cheese between each of them. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this beast!

You can find the Monster Burger at a restaurant called American House Diner, located on the first floor of the Mega Don Quixote in Minatoyamashita.

Of course, we immediately ordered the Monster Burger, costing us 3,680 yen (US$37). Even as we were waiting, the delicious smell wafting from the kitchen combined with the sizzle of the meat cooking was really whetting our appetite.

After about ten minutes, it arrived — the Monster Burger.

The towering burger was made up of 750 grams of meat and came with a side of fries. Plus, what with the juicy burger patties and the melty cheese, the burger’s structural integrity was such that it tended to tilt, so the burger came with a knife stuck in it to stop it from toppling over.

▼ Here’s an iPhone for a scale reference. It was a huge burger.

As you can see, the burger is about as tall as an iPhone XS (about 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters). And because we wanted a thorough investigation, we also brought a ruler to the restaurant to measure the width, which came out to roughly 2.75 inches (7 centimeters).

Upon cutting the enormous burger in half,  you get a waterfall of juice and melted cheese. The burger is also very well seasoned, but the taste doesn’t get dull as it goes well with the vegetables, like the tomatoes and onions.

As a bonus, you can also get free refillable soft drinks if you need to wash down the meaty monster with something refreshing!

As we mentioned before, this burger is big. We weren’t sure we would be able to finish the whole burger by ourselves, and we were splitting it between two of us. But after taking the first bite, we got so into eating the burger that we finished it without even noticing. It was almost like it wasn’t enough.

Despite the huge burger (did we mention it was huge?), we still had room for dessert, so the waiter recommended the New York Cheesecake (630 yen, US$6.50) for a real taste of the US. It was delicious!

So if you’re craving something big and juicy, head on down to the American House Diner to get a burger that hits the spot in both size and taste. They only make twenty of these burgers a day, so make sure you get there early. You won’t regret it!

Restaurant information
American House Diner /
アメリカンハウス ダイナー
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Shinyamashita 1-2-8, Minatoyamashita Nanairo Building 1F
神奈川県横浜市中区新山下1-2-8 港山下ナナイロビル 1F
Open: 11:00am – 23:00pm (last order 22:00)

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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