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You never know what the day’s going to throw at you when you get up in the morning. For example, when a large group of residents of China’s Changsha left their homes last Wednesday, they didn’t know they were just hours away from getting crabs.

Don’t worry, the city hasn’t had a sudden outbreak of pubic lice. Instead, a seafood delivery car spilled its cargo onto the road, creating a swarm of looters who scooped up the animals for themselves.

At about 9:30 in the morning, the driver of the vehicle was making his way down the road with his numerous crustacean passengers stowed in the back of the wagon. Before he could reach his destination, though, the driver got into a collision with another car, which popped open the back door and dumped the containers of crabs onto the street.

The animals tried to scurry for safety, but made slow progress, as you might guess from the low number of commuters who opt to take a crab-pulled sled to work instead of a bus or car. Much quicker, though, was the crowd of hungry and opportunistic bystanders, who swarmed over to the crash site to grab lunch.

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▼ The man in white on the left actually seems to procured both lunch and dinner.

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With the street now transformed into a free-for-all buffet line, the competition became increasingly fierce. Looking to get a leg up, one man grabbed a gigantic bucket into which he could pile the asphaltiest-catch.

▼ We can’t help but wonder, does this dude always carry a bucket on him, just in case something tasty spills out of a car while he’s out?

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As a matter of fact, crab mania overtook the crowd so completely that they didn’t even stop when the rest of the wagon’s market-bound cargo, a meter-plus (over three feet, three inches) crocodile, exited the vehicle.

▼ You know what? Forget about Bucket Man. What we really want to know is between this one crocodile and all those crabs battling as a team, who would win in a fight?

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▼ If this lady’s not stopping for the crocodile, do you really think she cares about scuffing her jeans?

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Eventually, the crocodile was recaptured. However, within five minutes, there were no living crabs in sight, with the only remaining sign of what’d happened being the bodies of a few crushed crustaceans and torn off legs littering the surface of the street.

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Neither of the two drivers involved in the accident is reported to have suffered any injuries. All of the stolen crabs are presumed eaten and delicious.

Source, images: Toychan