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Whether you are sitting in class or at work, watching as the time ticks by until the end of the day, or you are waiting for the three minutes to be up on your cup noodle, we are always looking at the clock. Time is money! Normally, it’s just a set of numbers that conveys information to us, but a clever company has turned checking the time into an ingenious marketing strategy. What are they selling? Beautiful women, of course!

So they aren’t actually selling women. Called “Bijin Tokei” or “the Beautiful Women Clock”, every minute of your day is told through the pictures of beautiful women from all over Japan. It’s not just a few pretty ladies either; we are talking thousands of women. The really clever bit is users can customize which women end up showing them the time. Random beautiful girls are fine and dandy, but if you see a few gals that you like, you can have the site remember them and have them appear more often.

When you find a girl you like…

bijin clock

…she will be there for every minute of every day!

bijin clock 4

What seems like a no-brainer feature for a voyeuristic clock, is marketing gold for Bijin&Co. They get all these beautiful women to model in photos for them, and then when the thousands of users rank the models based on their preferences, Bijin&Co. already knows who is popular with the general public. They then turn around and can introduce and promote their popular models to corporate clients. They’ve already got the “hard” data to back up their claims!

There certainly isn’t only “one type” of model either. Tall/short, black/brown/copper hair color, round face/skinny face, all sort of girls take part in the site. In total, about 70,000 girls have been accepted as “bijin”.

bijin clock 5

There are also many benefits for the women who become a part of the “Bijin Family” including free products and restaurant tickets, discounted rates at hair salons and even free passes to places like Disneyland!

It’s not just beautiful women and time, this is an ever-expanding enterprise. “Binan Tokei” is the same idea but with beautiful men. They’ve also got beautiful dogs, beautiful cats and even a beautiful voice app as well. There is also “Bijin Tenki” for all your weather needs, “Bijin Navi” for when you’re a bit lost, and “Bijin Salon” for the best place for voluminous hair. And it is all…beautiful.

So many beautiful men…

bijin clock 8

But let’s get real…this is what everyone really wants to see!

bijin clock 7

How are you ever supposed to look away from the time? 

bijin clock 6

With so many different options to choose from, if you don’t find someone you like, literally “giving it a minute” will bring you a whole host of new options!

Source: Tech in Asia
Images: Bijin&Co.