Here’s where to find the hidden reserve that could save your butt.

As we’ve talked about before, Japan’s Ichiran chain of Fukuoka-style ramen restaurants is committed to making the complete gastronomic cycle as pleasant as possible. So not only do Ichiran restaurants feature semi-private booths where you can have some quality time alone with your piping hot bowl of tonkotsu pork stock noodles, but also bathrooms stocked with an incredibly large supply of toilet paper.

▼ An Ichiran bathroom

However, even Ichiran realizes that its near-endless supply of toilet paper is still finite, and could possibly run out while you’re in the middle of a post-ramen dump. In acknowledgment of this, a bilingual notice posted in the bathroom reads “As you see, Ichiran strives to make sure that you will never run out of toiler paper. If by any chance these toilet papers [sic] magically disappear, don’t worry! We still got you covered.”

It seems like a tongue-in-cheek way of giving you permission to use the notice itself to wipe your backside if need be, but Japanese Twitter user @syuwasyuwa000 discovered that the truth is even more ingenious, although it’s hidden somewhere we’d never have expected.

▼ No toilet paper!?!

▼ Don’t panic! Look to the notice paper, then tear it off the wall to reveal…

…a last-resort supply of a few final sheets!

So go ahead, order the extra-large size, and with double chashu pork too! Ichiran’s bathroom is well-prepared to help you handle whatever comes next.

Source: Twitter/@syuwasyuwa000 via Jin
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Insert images: Twitter/@syuwasyuwa000