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As the largest lake in a very large country, you’d probably imagine that China’s Qinghai Lake is pretty big, and with a surface area of over 4,100 square kilometers (1,583 square miles), you’d be right. But when numbers start getting that huge, it can be hard to really grasp their scale.

So just how big is Qinghai Lake? Well, you could say it’s twice the size of the 23 wards of central Tokyo. Or, to put it in more dramatic terms, it’s big enough to easily hold three gigantic water spouts at the same time.

With almost two dozen rivers feeding into it, Qinghai has plenty of sources for its water. But what Mother Nature gives she can also take away, as shown by the dynamic phenomena seen on Monday morning this week.

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Meteorologists reported extremely strong gusts of wind above the lake from around 9:40 a.m., which led to the conditions seen above. As you might imagine, things can get a little lonely when you’re a towering tornado of water, but thankfully the waterspout was joined by a companion in short order.

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Unfortunately, the arrival of yet another aquatic twister put the brakes on the budding romance.

“Hey you guys, I’ve been looking all over for you!”

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With all semblance of privacy gone, there was now apparently an open invite for waterspouts to hang out on Qinghai Lake, with a total of nine spotted at various times before the day was done. No images have surfaced of more than three occurring at the same place in the same time, though. There’s probably a scientific reason for that, or if you’re more of a romanticist, you could take this as proof of nature’s merciful streak.

We’ve got our own theory, though, which is that the three waterspouts shown in the video all have second and third identities as part of their roles as crime fighting superheroes.

▼ After all, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, intrepid reporter Clark Kent, and plucky youngster Peter Parker are all suspiciously absent from the footage.

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Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube