One of the great pleasures of visiting Japan is the chance to sleep in a futon, traditional Japanese bedding that’s freshly laid out on the floor every evening. When you’ve got a nice thick mattress pad, a fluffy, quilted duvet cover and a compact buckwheat pillow, a night sleeping on tatami straw floors is a night few foreigners forget.

Now you can share the traditional Japanese bedtime experience with your feline friends, with a gorgeous new range of futons created especially for the discerning four-legged customer. From the gorgeous Japanese prints to the matching pillow and the ergonomic, tail-friendly design, this is the best chance yet for obliging humans to finally reclaim their beds!

The range, featuring six traditional Japanese patterns, is available from online store Felissimo for 3,974 yen (US$33.14). During the current introductory period, first purchases can be made for 3,542 yen ($29.53). Each futon features special details designed to appeal to the charmingly fickle nature of the feline clientèle.

▼ There’s a specially designed hole at the tail-end of the bed so kitty can stretch out as necessary for full enjoyment.

▼ Understanding the cautious yet curious nature of the cat customer, the covers are designed to stay in an arch shape, to allow for easy in-out access. This is very important when you don’t have opposable thumbs!


▼ The futons allow for a variety of different catnap positions, all the while keeping them gently cradled and warm in the process.


▼ The Maneki-neko, “beckoning cat” lifts his paw, enticing you to join him under the covers. Which are also covered in beckoning cats.


▼ The Starfish position under a traditional green spiral design. Close those eyes, kitty!


▼ This cat naps in the yearner position under a Japanese wave pattern. Obviously off in a fish dream.


▼ Owls! Because beds covered in birds are the stuff of kitty dreams.


▼ Pretty in pink sakura cherry blossoms.


With plush bedding like this, your cat can enjoy a luxurious ryokan (Japanese inn) stay every night of the week. And seeing your bundle of cuteness wrapped up snug as a cat in a mini futon will send you off to a satisfied slumber too!


Source: Biglobe News
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