Evangelion, one of the most popular anime series in Japanese history, is celebrating the 3rd anniversary of EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01 with the 18th meeting of “Eva-Con in Ikebukuro”, a “goukon” (group dating event).

When looking for love, isn’t it important for that person to share your interests? Well “Eva-Con” is an event that looks to bring together people through their love of Evangelion! Isn’t that the dream? No more agonizing over trying to be the person you think would be popular because what you actually like might be considered strange! Let down your AT Field and make a connection without having to wait for Third Impact to happen!

You can see the photos of past Eva-Con here.

Why would you want to participate in “Eva-Con”?

Meet people who share your Passion for Evangelion! Meeting anyone for the first time can be scary, but wouldn’t it be less stressful if you already had a connection and a topic that could generate endless conversation? If you love Evangelion, wouldn’t you want to meet others just like you? With Evangelion as the focus, there’s no need to stumble through the awkward small talk about education or work while looking for a common interest.

In the case that you meet someone, or several people you really click with, it would only make sense to exchange contact information in order to meet up again, right? Even if you aren’t an expert on Evangelion there will be several lectures that can bring you up to speed on all the intricacies of the series. You won’t be abandoned like how Gendo abandoned Shinji.

Making friends

Much of this story so far focused on the possibilities of meeting a potential soul-mate, but making new friends is also important. As a result of previous “Eva Con” meetings, the legions of female Evangelion fans have made it possible for Eva-themed “joshikai” (female-only parties, sort of like a “girls’ night out”) to be organized. Whether one is looking for something as serious as marriage or just looking to make some new friends, “Eva-Con” is definitely an event that all fans of Evangelion should definitely check out!

Event info
“18th Eva-Con in Ikebukuro ~ 3rd Anniversary of 「EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01」~”
November 23, 2014 (Sunday)
2:00pm – 5:00pm
Ikebukuro Station
Men: 5,900 yen Women: 3,900 yen
Official Website : http://koigaku.machicon.jp/eva/

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