Evangelion fans in Japan are probably jumping with joy right now over this newly announced series of children’s fashion based on the hit anime. A collaboration project between the Evangelion store, Geewhiz and StompStamp, a series of super-adorable children’s fashion items are now available online for Evangelion-loving parents to dress their kids in subtle yet stylish anime gear!

▼ These cute Evangelion-inspired T-shirts are super-cute and yet super-otaku!


▼ Just look at how kawaii these kids are in their Evangelion shirts!


▼ Couple up with a backpack and your little fangirls and fanboys would be ready to go to school in style!


The T-shirts will go on sale at the end of April. Priced at 4,620 yen (US$38) for the smallest size, they might be a little on the pricey side, but if you or your little one love Evangelion, this is definitely worth it! On the other hand, the backpacks will be available at the end of May and the smallest size can be yours for just 5,985 yen ($42). These backpacks don’t look that kiddy so even (smaller) adults can probably get away with carrying these around.

Aside from fashion items, a series of merchandise featuring baby Shinji and baby Kaworu will also be released. Fans, get your wallets ready!


If I had kids, I’m definitely dressing them in a complete Evangelion wardrobe.

Source/Images: Geewhiz, My Game News Flash