Ten items for under 9,000 yen? We’re in heaven.

Our fukubukuro lucky bag haul for 2021 continues with a classic anime: Evangelion! Maybe it’s because of the final Evangelion movie coming out at this end of this month in Japan, but this lucky bag was particularly difficult to grab this year for our Japanese reporter and self-proclaimed Evangelion fan Takashi Harada.

▼ Here he is in some of last year’s haul.

Not only was it sold out online, but he ended up making two trips to an official Evangelion store – once to reserve the bag, and again to go pick it up. But considering this year’s lucky bag was just 8,800 yen (US$85.53) compared to last year’s 11,000 yen, we think Takashi’s hard work paid off.

▼ The new movie is being advertised on this year’s bag as well!

Inside the bag, Takashi found a whole collection of useful merch: two T-shirts, a hat, a plate, a handheld fan, a belt, a travel set (socks, toothbrush, and a handkerchief), a postcard, and two clear folders. Phew!

▼ So many things to wear and use!

Takashi was especially pleased with this year’s T-shirts. While the T-shirt he got last year was great for fellow Eva fans, it wasn’t exactly easy to pull off in style.

▼ This year’s duds, however…

▼ …are minimalistic and simple enough to pair with anything!

Takashi wasn’t too sold on the purple hat, but he thinks that a lot of people will like it more than he did. What do you think?

▼ With the black?

▼ Or with the white?

Okay, maybe wearing all the merch together isn’t the best way to do it, but you get the idea. In any case, Takashi doesn’t regret his 2021 Evangelion lucky bag journey one bit! Maybe he can grab some compliments as well as some Mister Donuts doughnuts in his new swag.

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