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Did you as a child ever fantasize about snuggling up to a soft stuffed toy bigger than your wildest dreams? I certainly did! (Heck, a part of me probably still does even now, when I’m old enough to be on the wrong side of … never mind, I really shouldn’t go there, should I?) So, anyway, for anyone who’s ever had an interest in cute stuffed toys, international retailer and warehouse club chain Costco brings you this amazing plush bear that’s larger than life — the 93-inch (2.36m) HugFun Bear! That’s right, he’s absolutely HUGE, and if the idea of a giant teddy bear hasn’t already won you over, they’ve even made a darling video which is guaranteed to melt your heart. Just take a look and see if you don’t fall utterly in love! And lucky for us, the bear happens to be available in Japan too!

Here’s the video that gives us a close look at the immensely huggable  bear:

The video certainly contains some precious images doesn’t it?

▼Of course, the bear is meant to be given plenty of loving hugs!
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▼Carrying the bear around is bound to be a bit of a task. At 93 inches tall and 30 inches wide, the HugFun Bear weighs in at a hefty 48.5 lb (22kg)!costco 3

▼It’s easy to imagine how much fun it could be for a kid to play with the bear, whether it’s just you and him …
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▼… or if it involves some high-energy action with a group of friends.
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▼Spending some quality quiet time with the bear also looks delightful. costco 5

▼And he can watch over you when you’re sleeping too. Now, that picture is simply too adorable!costco 7

▼You can take him on a ride too, but he’ll need plenty of open space. And with him in the car, you’re bound to get loads of attention on the road!
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There’s no denying the bear has quite a presence, is there? And we love that the video has a bit of a story with a feel-good ending. The bears have been selling on the Costco website for US$279.00, but apparently they’ve already sold out online, although they may still be available at some of the warehouse shops.

Japanese Internet users have seen the video too, and not surprisingly, seem to have responded positively. More than anything, they seemed to be thoroughly impressed with the idea of such a large toy, although some of them mentioned that space could be a serious problem especially if thinking about keeping such a large object in Japan, where home sizes can be somewhat limited. There were also comments from people who actually saw the bears at a Costco in Japan or even bought one themselves saying that the dolls truly were enormous and impressive in their size. Overall, a good number of people seemed to genuinely want the bear — one person even wrote that he (or she) would be staying away from Costco for a while so that they wouldn’t see the actual bear and be tempted to buy it — and we really can’t blame them for feeling that way, not after we’ve seen that video. I mean, I would seriously want one too if space wasn’t an issue!

If you love soft and cuddly objects and have plenty of space in your house and car, then we invite you to go look for the HugFun Bear at a Costco near you. Just make sure he’ll fit through your front door!

Source: YouTube (CostcoTV), Karapaia (Japanese)
Photos: YouTube (CostcoTV)