Our boss becomes the father of a gigantic chocolate egg, raises it with love【Photos】

What can the biggest chocolate egg we’ve ever seen teach us about parenthood?

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Japanese Twitter searches for foreigners who left funny photos on lost smartphone at Costco

Phone returned to owner with a surprise on the camera roll from a trio of good samaritans.

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Shoppers annihilate face mask delivery at Costco Japan【Video】

Japanese politeness firmly thrown out the window when face masks are in sight.

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People in Japan are now stealing toilet paper in midst of coronavirus crisis

Theft of products from restrooms is dragging a famously considerate and honest society down the drain.

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People in Japan panic-buy toilet paper as coronavirus fears rise despite shortage being fake news

In a country full of bidets, why is everyone crazy for toilet tissue? 

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We make a super giant sushi using Costco salmon in Japan【SoraKitchen】

Jiro dreams of sushi, but we dream of GIANT sushi. 

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Come on, Costco! Sell your Japan-exclusive kabayaki marinade salmon in the U.S. too!

Costco Japan adapts a traditional unagi recipe to salmon, and it should let the U.S. market taste it too.

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Costco opened its first store in China, and things immediately got crazy【Video】

But a shortage of one key item might be putting a damper on shoppers’ passion.

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RocketNews24’s giant teddy bear goes looking for some new friends at Costco Japan 【Photos】

Because it was either this or keep watching Sangelica drink alone.

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Costco Japan wants all English speakers to know they’re holding a “Tuna Roadshow”

Yes sir! A much beloved Tuna Roadshow was scheduled to be held at Costco on 7 November according to the English on their advertisement. It would seem that the English was designed to attract foreigners who might not be familiar with the concept of Tuna Roadshows, which we imagine would include…everyone.

I’m guessing it’s a show where people dust off that old fish lying in their attic and take it to tuna experts to see how much money they’re worth. Either that or someone did a half-assed job on the translation.

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Western products some Japanese people love: Diet Dr. Pepper, the rare unicorn of drinks in Japan

Do you like Japanese snacks and drinks? Can you never get enough of some sweet, sweet Pocky washed down with a nice cold C.C. Lemon?

Well guess what? It goes the other way too! Some Japanese people love certain Western products that are super rare in Japan. Case in point, two of our SoraNews24 Japanese writers have an unhealthy obsession with Diet Dr. Pepper. Both of them have tried to track it down in Japan for years to no avail, finally giving in to lesser drinks.

But not anymore. Something rare and beautiful has been found in Japan, and its name is Diet Dr. Pepper.

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Costco may just have turned your childhood fantasy into reality — with a 93-inch stuffed bear!

Did you as a child ever fantasize about snuggling up to a soft stuffed toy bigger than your wildest dreams? I certainly did! (Heck, a part of me probably still does even now, when I’m old enough to be on the wrong side of … never mind, I really shouldn’t go there, should I?) So, anyway, for anyone who’s ever had an interest in cute stuffed toys, international retailer and warehouse club chain Costco brings you this amazing plush bear that’s larger than life — the 93-inch (2.36m) HugFun Bear! That’s right, he’s absolutely HUGE, and if the idea of a giant teddy bear hasn’t already won you over, they’ve even made a darling video which is guaranteed to melt your heart. Just take a look and see if you don’t fall utterly in love! And lucky for us, the bear happens to be available in Japan too!

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Hiroshima Finally Gets a Costco! Too Bad You Have to Pay $32 for Parking

The American membership warehouse club Costco Wholesale will open a store in Hiroshima on March 23 to crowds of eager Japanese consumers longing for giant bags of tortilla chips or jars of pickles bigger than a human baby.

As excited as people are to finally have a Costco in the Chugoku region, there is one aspect of the new store that is taking consumers by surprise: a whopping 3,000 yen (US $32) fee to park in the Costco parking garage.

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