Why should Pepsi Japan and their wacky flavors like Pink Strawberry Milk and Salty Watermelon have all the fun? Coca Cola Japan decided to shake things up in the flavor department and released Coca Cola Orange. Sure, it’s not as exciting as the crazy concoctions thought up by Coke’s competitors, but Japanese consumers sure seem to love it.

Coca Cola Orange isn’t a new flavor for the company (it was sold in the UK back in 2007), but this is the first time Japan’s gotten a taste of it. Fans of the new fizz haven’t been shy about uploading photos of their newfound drink:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.22.46 PM


One Twitter user even wrote a poem of sorts about his experience with the new flavor of Coke:


Coca Cola Orange
Naturally, it contains no fruit juice.
The well-balanced flavor of Coke is mixed with orange.
There are no other special characteristics.
Why they decided to put this emoji on the cap is a boundless mystery.

Other Twitter users are claiming, “This stuff is good!” and adding comments such as “I bought four!” Others describe the taste of Coca Cola Orange as another familiar soft drink: “First it tastes like Orange Fanta, then you get the flavor of Coke,” leaving some to wonder why not buy a bottle of Fanta and a bottle of Coca Cola and mix your own. Either way, if you’re in Japan, pick up a bottle and try it out for yourself!

Source: IT Media