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We’ve talked before about all the cool Kit Kats Japan gets, but the chocolate-covered wafers aren’t the only sweet indulgence with exclusive-to-Japan versions. Once a year or so, Pepsi releases a special flavor for the Japanese market, too.

This winter the soft drink maker is bringing back a popular hit from a few years ago, with the return of strawberry milk Pepsi.

We should clarify that not every time Pepsi decides to bring out a special flavor means it’s going to be an appetizing flavor. Sure, there wasn’t anything too weird about orange-flavored Pepsi (although it was kind of confusing how they called it Pepsi White). Salty Watermelon may not have entirely delivered on the fruit flavor its name promised, but the company’s heart was in the right place on that one, too.

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But on the flipside, Pepsi has also unleashed cola with the taste of cucumber and shiso (Japanese basil), neither one of which took over Japan so much as occupied convenience stores’ refrigerator racks, sitting unsold as customers reached for drinks with more appealing names like Pocari Sweat.

“Hey, I actually taste delicious!”

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Thankfully, it looks like “not crazy” came up in the rotation at Pepsi’s product planning division, as the next limited-time flavor is Pepsi Pink Cola, with the flavor of strawberry milk. The soda was also available in 2011, and its revival represents a rare repeat performance for Pepsi’s offbeat lineup.

Pepsi Pink Cola hits convenience store and supermarket shelves on December 9. Pick up a bottle for 140 yen (US$1.30), whip up a batch of pink curry, and get ready for the most girlish meal you’ll have this winter.

Source: IT Media
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