The newest in a line of seasonal limited edition Pepsi flavors has been announced by Japanese distributor Suntory.  Set to debut on 24 July is the red-colored Pepsi: Salty Watermelon.  Hopefully this is as awesome as Pepsi: Pink was.

But after reading the announcement I had to do a double-take.  The watermelon’s salty?

Asking a friend she confirmed that yes some people in parts of Japan put salt on watermelon to enhance the sweetness.  Simultaneously intrigued and mildly put off, a quick Google check further blew my mind.  Not only Japan, but in certain pockets all over the world people are sprinkling salt on their watermelon – and it tastes great!?

As widespread as it is, however, there also seem to be many like myself who have never heard of this trend, despite how delicious it is contrary to how it sounds.  Pepsi has highlighted cultural flavors before. They had their African treat Pepsi: Baobab, and white sapote flavored Pepsi: Caribbean Gold, but never have they turned some of us on to something in our own backyards like this.

Anyone who’s never heard of this can just rush right out and buy a watermelon and toss some salt on that bad boy.  But for those living in Japan waiting for the Pepsi version is just as good.

One of life in Japan’s little pleasures has got to be these seasonal freaky Pepsi flavors that are released. Not always for their taste, but for how amazingly authentic the tastes are.

I first got turned onto these when Pepsi: Ice Cucumber was released a few years back.  Although I thought it was disgusting because it – well – tasted like cucumber, I was still amazed at just how much it really tasted like cucumber.

Ever since then I always try to pick up the newest one, but it’s more out of an appreciation of their artificial flavor engineering that the actual drink itself.  So if you want to know what watermelon with salt tastes like Pepsi: Salty Watermelon will likely recreate it dead on.

Source: Suntory (Japanese)