The three new beverages have been developed to specifically suit Japanese tastes.

After bringing us mouthwatering limited-edition flavours like Sakura and Christmas cake, it’s been quiet on the Pepsi front in Japan lately. As it turns out, that’s simply because they were hard at work creating another one-of-a-kind taste sensation, with a whole new brand of Pepsi cola coming our way from 17 April.

According to Suntory, the Japanese producers of Pepsi, the new “J-Cola” is part of their “Japan & Joy Cola” concept, a new strategic brand designed to appeal to local tastes, with 100 cola-loving customers polled during its development.

According to the results of the survey, rich, deep flavours and a refreshing aftertaste are two of the most important things for the country’s most ardent cola users, and the new J-Cola sets out to deliver just that, in three different varieties: Regular, Zero, and a new type they’re calling “Midnight“.

The Regular Pepsi J-Cola contains a Japan-specific blend of spices and citrus with a taste that promises to be so satisfying it will soon become “Japan’s favourite cola“. The drink is said to have a crisp, well-balanced flavour, with a sharp and refreshing aftertaste that will delight your tastebuds from the very first sip.

▼ The Pepsi J-Cola Zero uses the same ingredients as the regular variety, only with zero calories.

The most intriguing product in the new lineup is the Pepsi J-Cola Midnight, which Suntory says they decided to create after approximately half of the survey respondents said they regularly drank Pepsi during the evenings and at night. According to the company, this variety, which comes filled with the aromatic flavour of cassis, is a perfect partner to help you enjoy “a lingering evening scene”.

While the flavours sound amazing, the new labels are pretty stunning too, with “J-Cola” written in dynamic, calligraphy-style brushstrokes, and an image of a Japanese wave, reminiscent of Hokusai’s famous 19th century ukiyo-e woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa, bringing a distinctly Japanese element to the region-exclusive product.

The new lineup of J-Cola Pepsi drinks will go on sale at supermarkets around Japan from 17 April at a recommended retail price of 140 yen (US$1.33).

Source, images: Suntory