You don’t get to taste pizzas like this every day.

Pizza Hut is always looking for ways to get an edge on the competition, but right now in Taiwan, the chain has created a pizza that’s a total slam dunk — literally and figuratively — as it depicts a basketball inside a hoop.

Sold only for a limited two-week period from 5 March, our Taiwan-based reporter Yui Imai was quick to order one for NT$329 (1,540 yen [US$10.45]).

Called the Bishen Jinchuudaabisa” (“Must-win goal pizza”), this basketball-inspired pizza was created to cheer on the high school basketball finals being held in Taipei.

▼ Lifting the lid on the pizza reveals…an edible basketball and hoop!

The pizza is like a two-for-one special, with a round pizza in the middle and a ring of dough surrounding it. The clever design means you can enjoy slamming the middle pizza inside the hoop, living out your dreams of scoring that winning goal for your team.

The basketball is topped with salami, teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise, and cheese, while the ring around it contains sausage and cheese.

Despite the unconventional design, the fillings aren’t as weird and out-there as some of the chain’s previous Taiwan-exclusives like Oreo pizza, so Yui felt no nerves when she sliced into the basketball and gave it a bite.

The flavour of the salami and cheese was layered with the sweet and salty teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise, making it simply delicious. This was a familiar combination you can’t go wrong with, but how would the sausage hoop fare?

The thick and fluffy dough made a statement with the addition of crispy sausages and slightly salty cheese, but the dough was totally disproportionate to the fillings, making it seem more like a bread with sausages than a pizza crust. Yui didn’t mind, though, as it was pillowy soft and delicious, and a nice contrast to the flavourful basketball.

It was a fun pizza with a fantastic flavour that’ll appeal to a wide range of tastes, and as a love letter to the sport of basketball, it’s a delicious offering that’ll melt the heart of any player. Compared to the chain’s sakura and durian pizzas, this one is playing in a whole other league!

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