Hachimura said “I want you to make a product for me” and Nissin was happy to oblige.

What’s the best part of being a beloved sports figure? Is it the riches? The fame? The fact that your words will be given more weight even after you retire? That last one sounds especially sweet.

Basketball player Rui Hachimura, who plays for the NBA team the Washington Wizards when he isn’t representing Japan on the national scale, didn’t even have to retire in this case! He mentioned that he wanted noodle-making company Nissin to “make a product” for him and his wish has been granted in the form of their new product, the Cup Noodle Himi Curry Big.

▼ The container for the ramen is plastered with Hachimura’s smiling face.

The container for the ramen is plastered with Hachimura’s smiling face and promises a taste of “Hachimura’s recommended local comfort food from Toyama,” meaning Himi curry. Himi is the town in Toyama prefecture where Hachimura was born, and what makes Himi curry special is the addition of Japanese-style dashi stock, including processed sardines, that blends into the onion-based curry roux and grants it a distinct flavor.

In their official press release Nissin boasts of the cup ramen’s thick, supple noodles, the spicy chili-accented broth, and the included packet of Himi niboshi powder—a powder made from ground, dried sardines. You can savor some of the unique flavors that Hachimura grew up with, and even eat alongside his beautiful grin. What more could you want for a suggested retail price of 220 yen (US$1.99)?

Hachimura’s tie-in ramen is only the latest in a proud line of Cup Noodle products, with the Big line, in particular, sporting an array of weird and wonderful flavors over the years. Slam dunk a cup of this Himi Curry version before it’s gone!

Source: Nissin via NariNari

Images: Nissin
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