If you’ve been on an apple diet, you know the pain of having to munch on nothing but apples all day long. Sure, they are sweet and juicy, but the same old apple can get boring. Just when you’re getting sick of the fruit, it’s time to start exploring more delicious ways of enjoying apples to spice things up a little. We have come up with a super easy way of making delicious apple compote that will satisfy your sweet tooth and not ruin your diet! I personally think this is one of the best discoveries we’ve made so far!

The recipe is so easy that even we were surprised when the inventor shared it with us. It turns out that like many other inventions, this originated from a careless mistake when an apple was accidentally put in the freezer instead of the refrigerator. This is the story of the birth of a great dessert.


An apple. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fresh or ripened. You can use this method to make apples that don’t taste so good on their own more delicious, or to revive over-ripened ones that have sit in the bottom shelf of your fridge for way too long.


Freezer, knife, plate

The Recipe

1. Wash your apple. We’ll be eating the skin as well, so make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.


2. Leave your apple in the freezer overnight.

3. The next day, leave your apple out at room temperature. There might be juices seeping out of the apple as it defrosts so make sure to put it on a plate.


4. Once the apple has defrosted completely, simply cut it up and serve!


tl;dr – wash an apple, freeze it, and then defrost it. 

It is an extremely simple recipe, but the results are stunning. The crispy texture of the apple is retained, but the sweetness seems to have been crystallized into this slightly more solid version of a compote.

If you’re in the mood for a little more sophistication, sprinkle some cinnamon powder over it for an elegant afternoon tea dessert. It also tastes great served with your choice of ice cream, yogurt or mint.


Here I’ve opted for a rum and raisin topping that just turned this frozen apple into a divine dessert.


Who knew the mistake of putting an apple into the freezer could give birth to such an amazingly simple yet yummy recipe? It’s a dessert that’s good for your health, diet and sweet tooth so be sure to try it out!

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