Bourbon is ready to give us great toast with the flavor of fresh baked apple pie in just three minutes.

Apple pie is a dessert that’s best enjoyed right when it gets out of the oven, with the filling still warm and melty and seeping into the dough below. The problem, though, is that baking a pie takes a lot of time and prep work, so if you’ve got a busy schedule, aren’t that skilled in the kitchen, or simply dealing with the sudden onset of pie cravings, you’re out of luck as far as enjoying that freshly baked deliciousness goes.

This is just something we’ve had to accept until now, but there’s a solution on the way from Japanese company Bourbon. Because of its name, you might expect the Japanese company Bourbon to be a whiskey distiller. Really, though, they’re a candy and confectionary maker, and their latest creation is sliced apple pie sheets.

You may remember Bourbon from a few years back, when they blew our minds by introducing the concept of sliced chocolate. Their new innovation, called Nosete Yaku Apple Pie-style Sheets (“Set and Bake Apple Pie-style Sheets”) is a similar idea. Each sheet is roughly the size and shape of a slice of sandwich cheese, but instead of cheese it’s a soft confectionary made with apple puree and cinnamon. Simply put an apple pie slice on a piece of bread, then heat the bread in your toaster oven for two to three minutes. Bourbon promises the result is a sweet and tart treat that both tastes and smells like freshly baked apple pie.

As with Bourbon’s sliced chocolate though, that’s only one way to use the apple pie sheets. You can also use them for all sorts of rolled wrapped, or stacked cakes and dessert platters, and it looks like Bourbon themselves also whipped up a batch of apple pie scones in their preview photos.

Nosete Yaku Apple Pie-style Sheets come five to a pack, with prices to be determined by individual retailers. They go on sale September 1, which is also the same day that Bourbon is rereleasing its Nosete Yaku Melon Bread Sheets, so we’ll have to put both of them, as well as an extra-large loaf of bread, on our shopping list.

Source: @Press via IT Media, Bourbon
Images: @Press
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