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There are few things worse than greasy game controllers. As much as we enjoy snacking while playing our favourite games, doing so can be a recipe for sticky, slippery disaster, so the mere sight of our friends reaching for our Wiimotes or DualShock controllers with their Cheeto-encrusted fingers can be enough to send shivers our spines.

Ordering your pals to go and wash up before handling your precious pads might not foster the most hospitable gaming environment, but thankfully there’s a way to make the situation not only slightly less awkward, but suitably more video game themed: by handing your pal a Game Boy cartridge-shaped bar of soap while pointing them in the direction of the bathroom.

These soaps actually first appeared in July this year, but Japan has only just caught a whiff of them so we decided to share them with you today. As you might expect, gamers were positively amazed by the incredible level of detail involved, with many wondering if these were actually Game Boy carts covered in bubbles. We can hardly blame them, though; the soaps look so much like the real thing that we too wondered whether we were about to fall for an elaborate April Fool’s joke when we first laid eyes on them.

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The soaps even come in tiny plastic cases shaped just like those the original Game Boy’s cartridges shipped in, making us wish we could go back to the days when Nintendo wasn’t quite so stingy and we didn’t misplace so many of our case-less cards.

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For life-long gamers like myself, these vegan-friendly soaps would make an incredible Christmas gift, so thankfully for me (and my wife, under whose nose I shall be sliding my laptop with this page open on) UK distributor Firebox ships worldwide.

Here’s Firebox with the details:

“When you envisage the typical gamer you tend to think of a mildly unkempt human; hunched over in a dimly lit room, pizza-stained clothes, unshaven, bloodshot eyes, irritable demeanour, slight stench of week-old festering undergarments.

You’d be wrong. Gamers these days are clean as a whistle, sharp as a thistle. Thanks to the Game Boy Cartridge Soaps they value soft hands and sweet scents as much as anybody else. Finally a soap has come along that compliments the gaming lifestyle.

Made from the very finest vegan-friendly ingredients (in case you felt compelled to eat one) and scented with the excitingly named ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance, these soapy life-size recreations of classic Game Boy game cartridges are a UK exclusive to Firebox.”

The amazing Game Boy cartridge soaps are currently available to pre-order for £8.99 ($US14) and are due to go on sale from December 19, leaving Firebox just enough time to get them in the post and into some lucky boy or girl’s Christmas stocking.

I never thought I’d hear myself asking for soap for Christmas at the age of 32, but on this occasion I think I’d be perfectly happy to stand at the sink and wash my hands with a copy of Tetris or Super Mario Land instead of doing the post-dinner dishes.

Source: Naver Matome
Images via Firebox