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When you are a pet owner, you know that sometimes your pets love you so much they follow you around wherever you go. The special bond you have makes the two of you absolutely inseparable, at least until your pet gets distracted and loses interest in whatever you’re doing. But when you actually need to get work done or clean the house, your furball does this magical thing where they have to be involved with the process too.

Well, today was clean the shower day for this cat owner, and you can guess where those furry guys decided to spend their time.

The amazing thing about animals, and especially cats, is that they want to get in your business when you’re actually trying to get something done. If you’re typing something out on your computer, they’ll be in your lap or settling down on the keyboard. If you’re trying to get some cleaning done, they’ll be sticking their paws right where you need to scrub. It may be frustrating, but more often than not you’ll be wondering where your cell phone is to capture a great home video.

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These cats probably wanted to follow their owner into the shower, but soap plus water plus cats would not make for a good combination. They will instead do the next best thing, which is to try to help with the cleaning!

▼ “You missed a spot, here and here and here.”

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Pets are always good for a laugh; that’s why we love them so much. Until the spot they try to “help” with is our toes and it’s not cleaning time, it’s sleeping time.

Source/Images: Twitter/@mari96mari (edited by RocketNews24)