This person may not think they’re good at anything else, but they sure are good at making bubbles.

There are all kinds of people in the world with all kinds of talents. Some people are good at many things, while others focus on one thing like illustrating, or creating animated videos. Still others have unusual but equally impressive niche talents, like snapping their fingers really fast, or, in the case of a recent viral Japanese netizen, making giant foamy clumps out of a small drop of face wash.

In the above astonishing video, Twitter user Karin (@na_mi_da) shows how they transform a small, quarter-sized drop of face wash into an enormous and fluffy cloud of soap bubbles.

Using their hands, Karin pushes, mixes, and squeezes the soapy liquid, and, carefully adding a little bit of water at a time to make it nice and frothy, they slowly but surely build up the soap cloud…

…Until finally it’s a dense, bright white, puffy mass of bubbles that sticks to their hand!

Although Karin demonstrates a sense of humility as they caption their first video with, “I, who am nothing, have but one talent, so I would like to show it to you,” clearly they are enormously talented in at least this one aspect of their life and should be immensely proud. To some, it may seem like a useless talent, but actually Karin says that it makes a more dense foam than even pump-dispensed foaming face washes, and it feels really good on your skin.

Japanese netizens were extremely impressed:

“It always says in the directions to massage it into a foam, but I never knew that this is how you do it!”
“Wow! lol You look like a professional craftsman!”
“What an amazing talent! It looks like you could even whip up egg whites into a meringue!”
“Your hand movements look like a sushi maker’s lol”
“That looks really fun.”
“Awesome! It’s mysterious and relaxing to watch.”

Karin’s talent isn’t just limited to that particular brand, either. It works with other brands of face cleansers as well, but of course it’s easiest with brands that are already a “foam” type wash, especially ones labelled “perfect whip”. Karin says they’re going to try it with a bar of soap next time, so hopefully they’ll post the results.

While its usefulness may be somewhat limited, this unique talent is certainly not without its uses, and with a little discipline, maybe this netizen can even turn their craftsmanship into soapy works of art like these!

Source: Twitter/@na_mi_da via Hachima Kiko
Featured Image: Twitter/@na_mi_da