The miniature bra is even fragranced with a feminine scent for maximum enjoyment.

If we had to pick our favourite retailer in Japan, Village Vanguard would definitely be at the top of the list. The novelty chainstore has given us rare gems like ramen bath salts, grimoire backpacks, and, of course, the breast-revealing virgin-killing sweater.

Now Village Vanguard is adding another breast-related item to their product lineup, this time in the form of a miniature lacy brassiere. With straps, cups and lacy details, this piece of lingerie might look like a bra, but it’s not actually designed for supporting women’s breasts. It’s designed to be worn around the face, with the two cups gently covering the user’s eyes.

▼ Behold the Brassiere Eye Mask.

These eye masks aren’t just designed to look like bras, they’re designed to smell like them too. The “Healing Eye Cups” on each mask are fragranced with a feminine soap aroma, to really enhance the experience of wearing women’s lingerie on your face.

Not only does it look realistic from the front, it also looks like the real thing from behind, with dainty frills and bra strap attachments. The only thing missing for die-hard realists is a hook-and-eye closure.

▼ Now you can wake up feeling refreshed wherever you are, under the gentle coverage of a face-bra

▼ Let’s hope we don’t start seeing people using it on the train.

The Brassiere Eye Mask has been so popular it’s already sold out online, but it will be released at Village Vanguard stores around the country from 3 November. Available in a choice of three colours – white, pink, and blue – each mask will retail for 1,944 yen (US$17.10).

Source: Village Vanguard via My Game News Flash
Images: Village Vanguard