While Yo-kai Watch is basically the new Pokémon for the younger generation, it doesn’t mean that Pokémon is done and gone! While all the cool kids may be focused on Jibanyan, it looks like nature might be a bigger fan of Pokémon–just look at this photo of “Bulbasaur!”


Though the photo of Bulbasaur was actually taken and posted to Reddit a year ago by user /u/raKnizek, it didn’t get noticed in Japan until recently when it was recently reposted. As the original photographer explained, this isn’t some hyper-evolved frog ready to do battle–it’s just a normal frog with an acorn on its back. While that’s a bit disappointing, it certainly does look the part!

▼Though the actual Bulbasaur is slightly cuter…


▼Here’s a side view of the little warrior frog also provided by /u/raKnizek.


▼It almost looks ready to take on a certain electrified mouse…

a0028694_16583011Chishiki no Izumi

While we certainly don’t want to see actual animals fighting for our amusement, we have to admit that the image of Pikachu mouse and Bulbasaur frog duking it out is…kind of weird actually. We assume they’d just sit there looking confused until the frog hopped away.

Though the photo of frog Bulbasaur isn’t exactly new, Japanese commenters certainly enjoyed it!

“It’s so cute!”
“I want to train it!”
“I exhausted, but seeing this picture made me laugh and gave me some energy.”

And in case you’re worried about the little froggy Bulbasaur here, it turns out that the acorn isn’t stuck to its back. /u/raKnizek wrote that before taking the photo, it was placed on the frog. While a simple idea, we would never have looked a frog and thought, “This little guy is one acorn away from achieving its dream of being a Pokémon!” So kudos for the quick thinking!

Now, we just hope someone gets /u/raKnizek a Bulbasaur icon!

Sources: Byoukan SundayNettalica, Reddit
Images: Byoukan Sunday, Imgur