Beloved toys turn into nightmare fuel.

Recently, Japanese Twitter user Kota shared a picture of their friend’s Pokémon plushie with the caption “My friend’s Piplup is really gross.

Piplup is not usually a Pokémon we associate with the word “gross”, and Piplup plushies in particular are amazingly cute.

But we’re glad Kota specified which species of Pokémon his friend’s toy was, because it certainly doesn’t look like the Piplup’s we know and love.

As you can see, Kota’s friend’s Piplup is looking a bit worse for wear, almost devoid of its blue colour. Clearly this is a Pokémon that’s seen its fair share… or maybe this is some kind of evolution we’re not quite familiar with yet.

▼ This is what the Piplup plushie looked like to start with.

Kota’s friend’s Piplup seems to be a seasoned warrior, but little did it know that its most powerful rival was just about to appear. Any true Poké-fan knows that Water type Pokémon like Piplup are weak to Grass and Electric types…

▼ …and so Grass-type Pokémon Bulbasaur stepped into the ring, looking significantly worse for wear.

But both Piplup and Bulbasaur would have to admit defeat to this super effective display by fellow Twitter user Charo_139, who selected a very type-appropriate Pokémon to send into battle for the title of Most Well Loved Poké-Plushie  — a Pikachu.

At least, we think it’s a Pikachu.

“I’m so glad I found a kindred spirit! My Pikachu has been with me for almost 20 years.”

Charo_139’s Pikachu is… well, it barely resembles Pokémon’s famous electric mouse. Even the iconic red cheeks have been ravaged by the sands of time. It’s clearly a dearly beloved toy, though, as it seems to have been repaired several times, judging by the black stitching on Pikachu’s side.

Netizens were equal parts amused and disturbed by Charo_139’s ragged remains of their Pokémon pal, with some even suggesting some creepy Pokémon lore to explain Pikachu’s appearance.

“This could be Mimikyu’s skin.”
“No, it’s Mimikyu’s evolution.”

“Is this… really Pikachu???”
“Is this one of those things where you say ‘Pikachu’ three times in the mirror and it kills you?”

“It feels like this should be scary, but the Pikachu looks like this because it’s been a beloved toy for so long.”

So while some people were creeped out, if you ask us, it’s kind of touching that these plushies have been so well loved. Most people would have thrown away raggedy plushies unless they were really attached to them, so the fact that all three plushies are still here to tell the tale is kind of sweet.

Besides, when it comes to creepy Pikachus, these donuts from Taiwan have got the market on that.

Source: Twitter/@Charo_139 via Otakomu
Top image: Twitter/@Charo_139
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