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For some people, earphones are as much about carving out a little privacy as they are listening to music. Pop in a pair, and only the pushiest of individuals will try to engage you in a conversation, meaning you’re largely left alone in a bubble of just you and your favorite tunes.

But no matter how unappealing you may find the prospect of another human being encroaching on your psychological personal space, we think just about anyone would make an exception and be happy to have these cute little cat-shaped earphone clips in close proximity.

Available from smartphone accessory maker Ganso Case, there’s actually a bit of backstory behind the feline add-ons. Over two years ago, Twitter user Nekomura Otako tweeted out a sketch of a chubby little kitty attached to a smartphone. But while Nekomura Otako is handy with a pencil, he didn’t have the skills or resources to produce a line of physical figures, so he simply said, “Somebody, please make these!”

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This was the birth of the character I Cat, and Ganso Case has now turned it into the Nyapita line of earphone clips. Just slide the plastic joint onto the cord, attach the kitty, and you’re all set to give your ears some company.

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A total of five versions are available, all with the same body but different colorings. Clockwise from the top left, there’s Chatora, Saba Shiro, Shamu, Mike, and Chatora Shiro.

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Not only are they cute in photos, they also adorable in stop-motion video, accompanied by some Famicom-style chiptunes.

▼ Why settle for one I Cat when you could load up with four or more?

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The I Cat clips can be ordered directly from Ganso Case and Amazon Japan, here and here, respectively. They’re individually priced at 626 yen (US$5.40), or you can also get the whole set for 3,130 yen if you can’t pick a favorite from the five charmers.

Source: IT Media
Top image: YouTube
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