DB 2 のコピー

As one of the most popular manga and anime series ever created, Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball has undoubtedly inspired fan art of every style and form conceivable from across the world. Indeed, the Internet is full of countless images of such works by both professional and amateur artists alike. But every so often we come across pieces of work that are so impressive that they grab our attention with their quality and originality, as in the case of these drawings of famous villains from the series. Join us for a look at the familiar evil characters of Dragon Ball reinvented into exquisite yet chilling illustrations — we think you’ll be impressed too with the vivid, colorful details that seem to bring the images to life!

Now, as much as we love Goku and his earth-saving friends, there wouldn’t be much of a Dragon Ball without the fierce villains they battle against, would there? So we guess the bad guys deserve some recognition too, which they certainly get more than enough of in these illustrations by Chinese artist Angus Yi, which he shared online in his blog. The level of detail and realistic art style makes for some truly frightening images!

▼Here’s Frieza, one of our favorite villains, who it seems will be featured in the new Dragon Ball movie to come out in April next year.DB 2

▼There’s also Ginyu, who leads an elite group of warriors for Frieza.DB 5

▼We also have King Piccolo, one of the earlier villains in the Dragon Ball saga, as he appears before he’s defeated and reincarnates into Piccolo Jr, who eventually becomes a vital member of Goku’s team. His green coloring gives him a particularly sinister look.DB 3

▼Here’s Dr. Gero, the mad scientist turned android who is the creator of Cell, one of the most fearsome antagonists Goku and his friends face.
DB 4

▼And of course there’s Cell, the artificially created super powerful villain who goes through several transformations to achieve a more “perfect” form.DB 1

▼And here’s Merceneary Tao (Tao Pai Pai), who appeared quite early in the series when Goku was still a boy, before the fighting with all the Super Saiyan powers.
DB 6

▼And lastly, here’s a frighteningly angry looking Majin Buu, the last villain Goku and his brethren face in the manga series. He looks about ready to explode with steam coming out of his head!DB 7

So, Dragon Ball fans, what did you think? When you look at this collection of powerful antagonists, you really can’t help but be impressed by their variation in appearance and personalities, attesting to Akira Toriyama’s story-telling skills. Of course, the drawings also showcase Angus Yi’s superb artistic skills, as the life-like expressions of each of the villains seem to stare right back at you in a frightening yet captivating way. It’s really no wonder they’ve been shared widely on the Internet both within and outside of Japan.

If you liked these illustrations, you can find more of Angus Yi’s works on his blog here. It may be worth checking out, as there are also drawings of characters from other comics as well, such as Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures and X-Men. While we’d hate to encounter any creature looking like these drawings in real life, we hope you enjoyed the images, because we certainly did!

Source: Angus Yi’s blog via CuRazy
Images: Angus Yi’s blog