Yes, Goku will definitely be back, as we get a release date for the next feature-length Dragon Ball film and a look at the movie’s very first teaser image.

Although the current Dragon Ball Super TV anime is scheduled to go off the air at the end of this month (to return sometime in the not too distant future, we hope), fans have fortunately been promised a feature-length film later this year, and we can rest assured that the movie will be happening, as we now have a release date!

The movie, which will be the 20th installment in the anime’s series of films, has been tentatively titled “Dragon Ball Super the Movie” (Eiga Dragon Ball Super)  and is slated for release in Japan on December 14.

▼ Here’s the tweet from the official Dragon Ball Super Twitter account announcing new information on the movie.

In addition to the release date, the tweet reveals that the new film will be a continuation of the current Dragon Ball Super anime story. It also mentions that an official site for the movie is now up and running, where you can see the film’s first teaser image of Goku (which is shared in the tweet), and also read Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama’s comments, in which he offers a very rough idea of what the story will be about.

Toriyama, who will be responsible for the screenplay and character design, had the following to say on what will be the very first feature-length film to be created from the Dragon Ball Super series.:

The new Dragon Ball Super movie will be a story of what happens after the currently airing TV series. The Tournament of Power, in which the universes battled for their very existence will have come to a close, and the movie will take place a short while later, after everyone has taken a little rest. The movie will include content that hasn’t been portrayed before on the relationship between Frieza and the Saiyans, and there will also be an awesomely powerful enemy, so I think it should make for a very entertaining story.

As with Battle of Gods in 2013 and the previous movie Resurrection F,  I’ll be fully involved in writing the story, and I’ve been creating a lot of artwork (illustrations) too. I’m actually still quite busy, but not having a serial manga to work on, I’m now able to put some thought into the anime version, which previously I was completely uninvolved with. So, hopefully you can look forward to what we come up with!

And while the TV anime will finish airing for the time being, the popular manga version of Dragon Ball Super illustrated by Toyotaro will continue. I believe we can look forward to some plot twists in the manga that are different from the TV anime and movie, so I hope you’ll keep enjoying that as well!

Sure, December is still some time ahead, but we’re quite certain plenty of fans will be waiting anxiously until then for the movie to come out. We, for one, will definitely be checking the official movie site for updates and looking forward to more news and images in the coming months!

Source, image: Dragon Ball Super the Movie official site