pixel art 9

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a pixel worth? We guess that really depends on how many pixels are in a piece of art. The following works by @1041uuu certainly capture more than your ordinary dots of color. You are going to wish your life was as fantastic as these nostalgic, creative and inspired GIFs capturing everyday life in Japan.

Tumblr user @1041uuu has taken ordinary moments of everyday life in Japan and turned them into some fantastic GIF pixel art.

pixel art 1

Cruising down a street in a rickety bus is super cool when you have pixel art as your medium. Everything is in extraordinary detail too, which is awesome when you think about how little space @1041uuu has to work with. There’s the ticket machine, the elevated seat that sits on one of the bus’s wheels and even the swaying straps to hold on to. It’s so simple, but it’s perfect.

pixel art 2

Another favorite is this late night at a gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant. You can see the rain pouring down outside the window, the drool of the drunken customer and the obvious attention the worker pays to his job.

Take a look at some more of the art below!

Firefly DNA spliced with plant DNA, mad scientist in the making

pixel art 3

Coffee Raifu perfectly exemplifies the coffee life

pixel art 4

Chilling on a magical rooftop overlooking the bay

pixel art 5

The air conditioner motif runs strong

pixel art 6

Invigorating, life-sustaining, energy drink, for your phone

pixel art 7

Every rainy day in Japan looks like this scene 

pixel art 8

All magical girls have to start somewhere

pixel art 10

Refresh, refresh, refresh…any new Instagram likes?

pixel art 11

There seems to be a glitch in the Matrix

pixel art 12

Black Friday sale at the underground potion store

pixel art 13

All those screens and only two things plugged in…it’s a miracle

pixel art 14

Winter in Japan is most certainly this.

pixel art 15

▼”Liking” all my friends Facebook posts is hard

pixel art 16

“Take care of your mental health!” 

pixel art 17

Hacker is going to work

pixel 8

The retro gaming style art and cute designs are a perfect match. It captures our attention, moves our hearts and leaves us wanting more! Pixel on @1041uuu, pixel on.

Source: Gigazine
GIFs: Tumblr (@1041uuu)