Japan Sumo Association surprises fans with cutesy game on Twitter

Train with the sport’s most kawaii professional sumo wrestler.

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Comely cosplayer steals the show in quirky showcase of Japan’s capital.

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Artist’s animated GIFs perfectly capture Japanese life in 30 endless loops【GIFs】

You won’t find a more representative or whimsical interpretation of life in Tokyo.

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Japanese Internet goes wild for new “stop-the-sleeve” game

Test your hand-eye coordination with this clever, cute, and simple game!

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Animated GIFs of traditional Japanese woodworking joints are mesmerising to watch

Exploring the many ways wood pieces can slot into each other is the most strangely satisfying experience we’ve had today!

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Totoro runs, does aerobics, and holds an impressive yoga pose in series of cute illustrated GIFs

The rotund character from Studio Ghibli inspires us all with his adorable “Totorobics” workout.

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The craziest small arms maneuvers by South Korean SWAT, in 9 GIFs

With a multitude of potential threats radiating over the border from North Korea, South Korea can not be lax when it comes to security.

As such, Seoul places a premium value on the training and capabilities of its military and police forces. This is clearly illustrated through the para-military capabilities of the South Korean National Police (KNP) SWAT teams.

A 2014 video from LiveLeak shows the incredible training in small arms maneuvers that these SWAT members go through.

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Join the hordes of net users giggling at GIFs of sumo wrestlers performing comedic moves【Videos】

Unless you’re striving to become one of the big guys yourself, you may not have much connection to the world of professional sumo. As an ancient sport with plenty of ritual elements, the wrestlers, known as rikishi in Japanese, have a highly regimented training lifestyle. With all those rules, it’s certainly easy to overlook the comedic side of sumo.

Wait, there’s a comedic side to sumo?

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A whimsical Ghibli-like world captured in beautiful GIFs you can stare at all day

We talk about Hayao Miyazaki all the time here on RocketNews24, but that’s because the worlds that he created in his films are timeless and fascinating masterpieces. It’s easy to say that his work has inspired thousands of creative individuals around the world who look to him when making their own pieces of art.

That’s what artist SPARROW, who posts her work on Tumblr, seems to do and her animated GIFs are a real treat for anyone looking to lose themselves in Ghibli or Ghibli-like worlds. Join us after the jump for a beautiful tour of her magical GIFs and more!

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11 never-ending hypnotic GIFs that just made a portion of our weekend disappear mysteriously

We all know GIFs are images set in a motion loop, but many of these moving images have a short story to tell, and we can somewhat tell that there is an “end” at a certain point before it loops back to the start of the sequence.

This series of GIF images we found today, however, simply goes on and on… for an eternity and beyond. We can’t tell how it starts or how it ends as there is no particular message or story, and the image transitions are simply flawless. If you’re the type of person who prefers to spend your weekend doing nothing in particular and spacing out, these hypnotic moving images could possibly keep you occupied for hours!

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Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball and more now in pseudo 3-D thanks to the magic of white lines【GIFs】

What do you think of 3-D movies? Personally, I’m not a big fan as they somehow tire my eyes. While I have to agree that the effects do make some action and fantasy scenes more dramatic and exciting, I’m totally happy sticking with the 2-D versions, not to mention that those are cheaper to watch at the cinemas too.

But I’m sure there are people out there who love the extra impact and wished that every movie was available in 3-D. It’s probably impossible to remaster every past production in 3-D, but some imaginative cyber citizens have found a low-cost method of eye-trickery that makes 2-D animations appear as if they’re coming through the screen. It’s eye-opening what a few white lines can do!

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All your ordinary moments through a sweet retro gaming lens【Animated GIFs】

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a pixel worth? We guess that really depends on how many pixels are in a piece of art. The following works by @1041uuu certainly capture more than your ordinary dots of color. You are going to wish your life was as fantastic as these nostalgic, creative and inspired GIFs capturing everyday life in Japan.

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30 squeal-tasticly cute bunny GIFs to get you through the weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? If you haven’t made any plans, these bunny GIF images could give you some inspiration for the weekend. Even if you’ve already made plans, these fuzzy little buns are bound to make your weekend even better with their irresistible cuteness! Hop on!

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Study kanji while taking a whirlwind tour of Kyoto with this beautiful video and GIFs!

We recently brought to you a collection of GIFs inspired by the thrilling city of Tokyo, designed by artists from around the globe. Now it’s Kyōto’s turn! A company called COG has created a highly stylized, four-minute animated film by dynamically fusing the original imperial city with kanji characters, and some scenes are now available as GIFs.

So get ready to hop aboard the city’s famous electric trolley and zoom though quintessential Kyōto sights like the Sagano Bamboo Forest and Daimonji bonfire. Along with two other GIFs making waves online, you’ll find yourself immersed in Japanese motifs that are anything but quotidian, and if you’re learning the language, see if you can name all 18 of the kanji characters used!

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252 of Japan’s favorite animated gifs

Hey, you got a minute to spare? Actually make that a couple dozen minutes.  We’d like to share a few hundred of the wildest and funniest gifs getting circulated around the net in Japan.

Of course cats are well represented here but we also got dogs, spiders, manatees, lions, (no tigers), bears, monkeys, turtles, and people all injuring themselves and each other. Watch and marvel at feats of strength of these animals and people, and enjoy even more the cringe-worthy carnage that ensues when they don’t quite make it. Get an eyeful of a guy getting bitten in the nuts by a rottweiler. Enjoy military misfires, cats in zero gravity and the magic of Coach Raphael Benitez. Both faked and real hypnotically looped images are here for your amusement.

Without further ado, sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy these 252 animated gifs. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Don’t quit meow! A compendium of cat GIFs to get you to the weekend

The weekend is so close you can taste it. Just a few more hours of starting blankly at a screen, trying to explain the interwebz to old ladies, or handing out restaurant flyers dressed as a vegetable. Whatever your particular torture of employment is, you are almost free of it for two whole glorious days! To help you get there without wishing for the sweet oblivion of death, here’s some cat GIFs illustrating all the fun things you can do this weekend.

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