What do you think of 3-D movies? Personally, I’m not a big fan as they somehow tire my eyes. While I have to agree that the effects do make some action and fantasy scenes more dramatic and exciting, I’m totally happy sticking with the 2-D versions, not to mention that those are cheaper to watch at the cinemas too.

But I’m sure there are people out there who love the extra impact and wished that every movie was available in 3-D. It’s probably impossible to remaster every past production in 3-D, but some imaginative cyber citizens have found a low-cost method of eye-trickery that makes 2-D animations appear as if they’re coming through the screen. It’s eye-opening what a few white lines can do!

▼ Incoming!

q5yYoZ6claGVp6sImage source

As you may have already noticed, by strategically placing a few white lines within the frame and cleverly manipulating the animation to move “back and forth” between the axes, a pseudo 3-D illusion is achieved by tricking our eyes and brain to take in the scene as if the screen is where the white lines are. Perhaps some of you may have seen similar images floating online as I have too, but these crafty GIFs never fail to catch my attention. Feast your eyes!

q5yYoZ6WlaGVp6kImage source

p5eYnqKVlaGVp6UImage source

p5eYnqOblaGVp6kImage source

p5eYnqOXlaGVp6gImage source

q5yYoaCYlaGVqKYImage source

q5yYoaGVlaGVqKgImage source

▼ Gigantic impact with the titans!

q5yYoaKclaGVqaMImage source

q5yYoaKWlaGVqKsImage source

▼ Somehow this one makes me feel really sleepy…

q5yYoaOVlaGVqaQImage source

q5yYoaOZlaGVqaUImage source

q5yYoZ_claGVqKQImage source

q5yYoZ_WlaGVp6wImage source

q5yYoZ_ZlaGVqKMImage source

q5yYoZ2dlaGVp6gImage source

q5yYoZ2WlaGVp6UImage source

These images pack a decent punch, don’t you think? I admit, the last one makes me flinch a little no matter how many times I look at it. I’m not quite sure if I would want to watch a movie that has white lines on it throughout the whole show, but I wouldn’t mind these GIFs for a change of pace every now and then!

Source: Zhaizhai News (1, 2)
Top image: Tumblr