optical illusion

Japanese staircase fanatic finds beautiful spot that looks like a real-world M.C. Escher painting

Who knew you could cram that many stairs into one place in reality?

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Optical illusion makes Japanese mascot move before our eyes without actually moving a pixel

Peopo-kun’s here to remind us how tragically naive our brains are.

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Optical illusion sticker from Japan gives cat companionship to people in no-pet apartments

Previously focused on boob-based fantasies, the Delusion Mapping design team can now provide you with an imaginary feline buddy.

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Otaku finds a cleverly pervy way to add breasts to clear file anime characters

”Clear files” aren’t really clear, which is what makes this optical alteration possible.

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Japanese netizens react to picture that disappears if you stare at it for 20 seconds

Get ready to learn some unfortunate facts about our feeble human minds.

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Optical illusion blows Japanese Twitter’s mind, can you see the “hidden” circles in the squares?

Once you see it you can never un-see it.

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Test your mind’s capacity for darkness by searching for hidden horror in this bunny illustration

Japanese Twitter users turn the meaning of this Miffy illustration upside-down.

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How dirty is your mind? Find out with this innocent picture of a Japanese bunny

This bunny may need to wash your mind, it’s been in the gutter too long.

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These aren’t drawings – They’re amazingly painted anime models that look totally 2-D!【Photos】

Labor of love makes the latest Gundam mecha look like something from anime’s heady hand-drawn peak.

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Can you spot the cat? The picture puzzling the world is now driving Japanese people crazy too!

Yes, there really is a cat hiding somewhere in this picture.

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Can you spot the phone? The picture puzzling the world is now driving Japanese people crazy too!

Believe it or not, there really is an iPhone hidden somewhere on that carpet.

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Optical illusions from Japanese Twitter leave us questioning the universe and reality 【Videos】

Everything you think you know about shapes and colors is a lie.

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New parking ordinances mean trou… What the hell is that?!

I do say, that little trolley appears to be floating upside down.

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Cat in the desert becomes latest optical illusion to wow the internet in Japan

Even the pet’s owner was surprised to look down and see the cat become part of the environment like this.

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Awesome optical illusion turns Japanese Ferris wheel into a cube 【Video】

Yokohama plays a beautiful trick on the eyes of visitors to its harbor area.

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Japanese Twitter has its collective mind blown by “map of Europe” illusion

There’s more going on here than meets the eye.

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You probably shouldn’t look at this optical illusion, it could have long-term effects

Every once in a while we like to post an optical illusion that’s trending in Japan at the moment, and this time around we bring you the McCollough effect. However, this is one optical illusion you probably shouldn’t go through with.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re going to post the illusion for the sake of reporting on it, but you might want to consider some of our other wonderful articles instead. I read a lovely piece about sacred horses the other day.

The reason we are dissuading you from checking out this optical illusion is that its effect might not go away for quite some time. Studies have reported some after-effects last over three months. So last chance to turn back and check out our list of beautiful Japanese train stations instead.

No? Okay suit yourself and don’t say we didn’t warn you…because we’re still going to continue to warn you.

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Can you find the image hidden behind these bugs?

This lovely artwork of bugs and slugs is hiding something, but can you tell what it is? Take a good long look, and then if you really can’t figure it out then you can find the answer below!

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Japanese netizens stare at red dot for 30 seconds, freak out when they see what happens

Quite often Japan is ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to things like technology, convenience stores, and even shoes. But surprisingly it can lag behind everyone else in the most random areas.

This time around, Japanese Twitter users have only recently discovered “the negative photo illusion,” where you stare at a photo for 30 seconds, look away, and see something “magic.” If you’ve seen this before, don’t spoil it for the thousands of Japanese Twitter users going crazy over it. And if you haven’t seen this before, well then click to see more! You’ve been missing out for years.

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Korean students live out their wildest manga fantasies with amateur “Trick Eye” illustrations

We often say “seeing is believing”, but ironically, our brain and eyes are rather susceptible to visual trickery. Optical illusion art galleries that feature cleverly distorted artworks that manipulate the eyes’ perception of distance and depth have been gaining massive popularity in various parts of Asia in recent months. The original art pieces exhibited at these galleries allow visitors to physically be part of the “3-D” illustration, creating a unique and interactive experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

But why pay to pose with paintings that might not tickle your fancy, when you can live out your fantasies with your favorite manga characters? A bunch of students from South Korea created their very own “interactive” art gallery in their classroom featuring characters from Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball). Check them out!

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