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On December 13, the third edition of the mega-popular Yo-Kai Watch 2 Nintendo 3DS game, subtitled Shin’uchi [真打], was finally released in Japan. The franchise has gained so much popularity that people have even taken to calling it “Pokémon for the newest generation.”

As you can probably imagine if you’ve been keeping up with our site, a frenzy of people rushed to buy the new game both in stores and online. But even we couldn’t prepare ourselves for the actual numbers–just wait till you read how many units of the game have sold so far!

This latest edition of Yo-Kai Watch 2 follows up the game’s first two editions (subtitled Ganso and Honke, respectively), which were originally released back in July. Each version of the game brings slightly different characters and scenarios to the gameplay.

By December 10, three days before its official release date, Yo-Kai Watch 2: Shin’uchi had already racked up an impressive 1 million units sold in preorder sales alone. When you add in the sales for the first two editions of the game, that total comes to a whopping 3 million units sold.

While some people have suggested that Yo-Kai Watch may just be the new franchise to finally topple the Pokémon empire in Japan, the franchise still has a long way to go, at least based on the numbers. According to Wikipedia, the best-selling Nintendo 3DS game of all time is none other than Pokémon X and Y, with a total 4.37 million units sold in Japan. That number skyrockets up to 13.29 million units when you include international sales. So never fear, Pokéfans–looks like you’ve still got nothing to worry about for the time being…unless Yo-Kai Watch has a successful international debut, that is.

Sources: 4Gamer via My Game News Flash
Image: Yo-Kai Channel