Cats are amazing creatures that have a sneaky habit of getting into places you would never think they could (and then also often getting stuck there). But somehow it’s hard to be anything but amused by their silly antics, especially when they pull hilarious faces like this!

One owner discovered why their bathroom products had mysteriously been falling from the top shelf in the shower room so often when they caught the crafty felines red-pawed. Their clever tiger-patterned cat had discovered that, if he gets on top of the shower taps and stretches out his long body, a world of fun is within his grasp with all those scented goodies on the top shelf just begging to be knocked over and spilled.

▼”It was a mystery how the things up there kept falling down, but I caught them at the scene of the crime.”

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It turns out that these two are brother (brown) and sister (silver). Just two days later the owner caught the naughty kitties at it again, and this time the sister was trying to copy her big brother, who’s clearly a bad influence on her! Unfortunately she appeared to get confused part way through, forget where she was supposed to be heading, and ended up wedged behind the piping.

▼”Spurred on by the gallant figure of her brother two days earlier, his sister aimed for the top but half way there she got confused.”

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And the culmination was this fantastic bug-eyed face O_O


Seriously, how can anyone be annoyed at them when they’re so darn adorable?!

Source: HamuSoku, tabasa_uran @ Twitter
Images: tabasa_uran @ Twitter