Pearl has melons if you have coin.

We’re no stranger to cute Japanese cats, whether they’re being used as light switches for desk lamps or crashing through paper walls.

But as far as cute Thai cats go, we have to admit we were unfortunately not very familiar with them. Thankfully, that changes today!

Pearl is a cat who lives in Thailand, and who at first glance might seem like a typical white fluffy cat, albeit with a little bit of a serious personality.

▼ “Ugh, no time to look at the beautiful lily pads and flowers. I am a cat!”

However, when it comes to protecting the melons being sold from the farm that Pearl’s humans own, suddenly that serious disposition turns into something downright fierce!

▼ “Bring it on, melon thief! You’re gonna do some hard time in purr-ison if you try to take one of these babies.”

That is the most adorably angry guard cat we’ve ever seen. The glare, the protective paw on the melons, the powerful stance. Just looking at it, I feel like I’ve been scared straight, and I wasn’t even thinking about taking a melon in the first place!

Of course, Pearl can relax a bit when there are other humans around, helping with guard duty.

▼ “Nothing better than relaxin’ in the back of a truck with some watermelons… after a long day protecting watermelons.”

▼ “The breeze through your fur, a red plastic chair beneath your feet, and surrounded by neverending melons. What more could a cat want?”

While Pearl is certainly a rarity among cats when it comes to taking their job seriously, if you want to see more protective cats, be sure to check out Sante the big-brother cat and his little-sister Sani the hedgehog.

Source: Facebook/kimok.kipp
Featured image: Facebook/kimok.kipp
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