This Japanese kitten is the very picture of feline determination.

Cats aren’t necessarily known for being the most obedient of pets. In fact, they’re really best known for climbing into and onto the exact places you don’t want them to, and for doing the exact thing you don’t want them to do, all while looking you straight in the eye. Their tenacity and stubbornness manifests in the weirdest ways, like refusing to give up an empty snack package, or staring at an icy drink for 20 minutes.

As such, cats don’t especially like to be told no, and one gray tabby kitten made this evident when it refused to be kept in a cage with its brothers and sisters. In a video posted by Japanese Twitter user Alde (@AldehydeYM), the sneaky kitten was caught in the act of escaping from his cage with a very daring and clever maneuver.

The kitten clearly wants out; right from the beginning of the video it’s seen very deliberately fiddling with the bars of the cage. It must remember where the door is, because it looks like it’s trying to unlock and open it. It sticks its paws out, clawing at what looks like a latch on the side. At one moment, it even gets the door to shift a little to the side. Its movements are very calculated…clearly, there’s no stopping this kitten!

But then its attempts become more formalized as it starts to try to press its face through the bars. After several failed tries, it manages to push its head through. You can even see the bar bending a little to accommodate it!

▼ That can’t feel good…

With some effort it gets its front paws through and pulls the first half of its body out, but its hips get stuck. For a moment it looks as if it won’t be able to squeeze the rest of its body through the narrow opening and instead will be stuck dangling between the bars in perpetuity. But then the kitty cleverly twists itself so that it can pull its legs out sideways, one at a time, all while carefully balancing on a thin, horizontal bar.

It’s a pretty impressive contortion show and quite a laudable demonstration of athleticism and genius on part of the kitten. Japanese netizens were amused by the great escape, although not necessarily impressed, because cats are, after all, widely theorized to be entirely made of liquid:

Alde might have to keep a close eye on this devious kitten, because it looks like it will be too smart for its own good. No doubt it will be a troublemaker when it gets! It just goes to show that, no matter how much you might want to keep a cat somewhere, it will always find a way to get in or out.

Source: Twitter/@AldehydeYM via Hamster Sokuhou
Featured Image: Twitter/@AldehydeYM
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