As anyone from a multi-pet household can tell you, trying to feed several hungry animals at once without ending up covered in stinky, sloppy pet food and teeth marks is a serious task. If several of your fur buddies have special dietary requirements and/or special medicine that must be skilfully disguised in the morning’s Fancy Feast, then it gets even harder. If you’re looking for a way to make the whole operation a lot less of a hassle, you could take inspiration from this company president’s method of feeding his nine kitties. All you’ll need is a flight of stairs!

The “stacked kitties” photo was uploaded to Twitter by user namiko_101. Apparently, during her company’s end of year party, she got chatting with the company president over their mutual love of kitties, when the boss shared this snap with her. Lookit those cute kitties all gobbling away in neat formation! It really speaks to our love of organization. And fluffy cuteness.

The tweet and accompanying snap prompted a range of responses:

“So cuuuuute!”

“Those kitties really know the drill!”

“Are they stacked by pecking order? Strongest at the top?”

“They look so fat… and happy!”

“That company president sure knows how to keep stuff organized!”

“Haha, they all know their place! But wait a minute, how many cats does this person have?!”

“This is actually a really good idea, it stops cats who eat quickly from being able to bully the others out of their food.”

“This is such a good idea! So cute!”

“That’s way too many cats!”

“There’s no way cats would be well-behaved enough to do this! Something’s fishy here!”

If you’ve got a surplus of cats and a sturdy set of stairs in your domicile, why not try this out? Just don’t blame us if you end up slipping on a stray nugget of kitty kibble!

Source: Hamusoku
Image: Hamusoku