Japan has a few, shall we say, unusual commercials that have raised eyebrows around the world. While you may laugh, when you think about it, it just shows that Japan’s marketers really know how to get the audience’s attention–and isn’t that the job of a commercial, to get people’s attention? We’d say so, and we think we may have found our favorite new eyebrow-raising Japanese commercial!

An exhilarating, upbeat sound track? Check. A simple, direct message that makes almost no sense at all? Check. Half naked people? Oh, holy hell, yes, check! 

▼Put your horns up, crank it to eleven, and get ready to rock!

Clocking in under a minute, this metalcore song features one simple repeated line screamed by (if the video is to be believed) the sumo wrestler Toyonoshima: “Move band!” This motley crew of rocking sumo wrestlers is filled out with Asahishou (on guitar), Gagamaru (on drums), and Tenkaiho (on bass), though we must admit that we’re highly skeptical that any of them were actually part of the recording process. Then again, we would pack our cash into a cannon and launch it at the nearest event promoter to get front row seats to see this Sumo Rock Band actually performing.

As you have probably figured out by now, the Sumo Rock Band isn’t the newest awesome band from Japan, but just an advertisement for “Move Band.” Part of Docomo’s Healthcare line, these wearable devices measure the user’s various biometrics, including number of footsteps, distance walked, sleep time, and, as you can see in the screenshot below, number of calories burned.

▼That’s a lot of pasta dinners.


“Just now, the total number of calories they burned performing was: 5,287 kcal.”

While we’re probably not going to be slapping a Move Band around our wrists any time soon–we’re quite happy not knowing how few calories we burned today, thank you very much–we certainly are grateful to Docomo for filling our heads with dreams of a Sumo Rock Band tour. Preferably co-headlining with Andrew W.K. and Motörhead, just to get a balance between healthy and liver-punching unhealthiness.

Hopefully the Sumo Rocking Band wouldn’t try any stagediving through…

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Images: YouTube