Christmas has come and gone. Presents were given, cake was eaten, HK$15 million was scattered around Hong Kong. Wait, what?

Apparently, Santa was in a pinch on Christmas Eve and didn’t have enough time to deliver gifts to the people of the Wan Chai District of Hong Kong. So instead, he used his Christmas magic to open a money transport truck on the highway in the area, scattering the Hong Kong equivalent of nearly two million US dollars. A Christmas miracle!

Drivers on the highway took advantage of the free money and stopped to collect as much cash as they could before speeding off to celebrate (or maybe giving it out to people in need in good ole Christmas spirit…maybe?). Either way, it seems that most of the money was collected by locals and hopefully the cash money made at least a few people’s holidays a little merrier.

▼ By the time a bystander took this video, most of the money was gone.

Source: Niconico Kotaro
Video/Images: YouTube (Kim Jong-Jim)