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Baskin Robbins Japan is known for their quirky ice cream creations centered around major foreign holidays, and this year they’ve rolled out a half dozen smiley face frozen treats for Christmas. Featuring familiar characters and adorable animals, these special sundaes in festive cups will get anyone into the holiday spirit. Let’s take a closer look at this cute Christmas lineup:

▼ This adorable penguin has rosy pink cheeks and wears a pint-sized bow tie.31_06

▼ The pink bunny has delicious cookie ears. Bet you can’t eat just one!31_01

▼ Christmas Mouse isn’t complete without colorful sprinkles.31_02

▼ The Santa sundae has a cheerful star, bidding you a merry Xmas!31_03

▼ And what would Santa be without his trusty reindeer? You’d better order both and eat the dynamic duo together!31_04

▼ Finally, this Christmas panda must have dozed off while waiting for Santa…or he doesn’t have eyes.31_05

We’re pretty excited to see this new lineup of Christmas characters made out of Baskin Robbins ice cream, but the best news is that they’ll be available from November 17 until Christmas Day, so you’ll have plenty of time to try all six!

Source: IT Media
Images via Fashion Press