It seems that these days, Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of appearing on Japanese TV. Just last week, Keanu Reeves treated the Japanese public to some karate moves on a chat show sofa, and this week it’s the turn of actor Hugh Jackman, who cut a gentlemanly figure as he appeared on hugely popular culinary gameshow Kuwazugiraiou (Food Prejudice King).

As part of the show, everyone’s favourite Wolverine was faced with a gauntlet of entrail stew, fishy sea grapes, and fried quail eggs, amongst other delights, as he fought to win the title of… Food Prejudice King! So, how did he get on?

Hugh Jackman, like his fellow action movie great Keanu Reeves, is no stranger to Japan, being another in a select group of western celebrities who just can’t get enough of the Land of the Rising Sun. Yep, like Keanu, Misha Collins and Ariana Grande, Mr. Jackman is a bit of a Japanophile. There was that time he sang a Jpop cover and spoke in Japanese for a Toyota ad, and not to mention that time he filmed a certain hit movie in Fukuyama. So we weren’t TOO surprised to see him pop up on our television sets earlier this week to do battle with some, um, more interesting aspects of Japanese cuisine!

Kuwazugiraiou ketteisen, to give it its full title, is a long-running game show segment which pits two celebrities against each other, with the on-set support of owarai comedy pair and hosts of the main show, Tunnels. Put all thoughts of frenetic Japanese gameshow japery out of your mind—Kuwazugiraiou is actually a very sober affair, with both contenders sampling a range of dishes while enjoying some light conversation about their recent projects. Hidden within each of the four dining choices made by each of the contestants is one food they truly can’t stand, and their job is to make sure their opponent doesn’t guess which one it is.

In Thursday’s episode, Hugh Jackman—in Tokyo to promote his new movie Pan—was pitted against ex-Seventeen magazine model and current actor/singer Mariya Nishiuchi (with the aid of an interpreter, of course). Mariya’s menu consisted of motsunabe (offal) stew or hotpot, uzura or deep-fried battered whole quail eggs, torotaku-maki, or tuna and pickled daikon radish sushi rolls, and umi budou, fishy sea grapes! As the contender, Hugh Jackman’s menu consisted of stewed chicken, fillet steak, asparagus and broccoli.

▲ From left to right at the bottom of the screen: Sea grapes, deep-fried quail eggs, tuna and pickled daikon sushi rolls, and offal stew.

Whilst watching Mariya make short work of the stinky motsunabe and slimy sea grapes, Mr. Jackman expressed a love for Japanese food, describing how he regularly eats at kaiten-zushi restaurants in Australia and the US with his children. He’s also a fan of New York-style ramen! However, he found the deep-fried quail eggs a little too rubbery for his tastes.

▲ Mr. Jackman also treated Japanese audiences to an in-depth discussion on his training and diet regime for the role of Wolverine. Apparently, he scoffed over 6,000 calories a day!

Despite some pretty good acting, he failed to conceal the fact that he’s really sick of eating chicken these days, and also failed to spot that Mariya’s most hated food isn’t actually sea grapes—it’s fried quail eggs. Despite losing the game, Hugh was in high spirits and presented the cast with signed T-shirts each as penance for his failure to become the Food Prejudice King.

What’s your most hated food, Rocketeers?

Main Image: Twitter/@Arsenal_aholic