It’s Cosplay time as the Nipponbashi Street Festival hits Osaka (and Twitter) again this year!

The Nipponbashi Street Festival is held on Spring Equinox Day in Japan each year, (this year, it was March 20) and this time around it was the 12th anniversary of the occasion, affectionately known in Japan as “SutoFes”!

Cosplayers from all over Japan flooded into the area to show off their skills and indulge in endless photo-ops, and we’ve pulled some of the coolest cosplayers’ pictures from Twitter for your viewing pleasure!

If you can identify each character being cosplayed just from the pictures, we salute you!

△ “I’m Nonocchi from Aikatsu!”

△”I’m at SutoFes dressed as Rei Akiyama from K-on!”

△ “I’m Seina from Haganai!”

△ Shinku from Rozen Maiden

△ Of course, everyone knows Captain Jack Sparrow!

△ It’s the Terminator!

△ This costume looks, er, like a budget option…

△ We recognise @k_purarine from Tokyo Game Show!

△ And of course, cosplay’s not just for people… Dogsplay is also a major sub-genre! (Or, if it’s not, it really should be!)

Have you ever cosplayed in public? Were you shy or did you love the attention as much as the folks above seemed to?

Source: Togech
Top image: Twitter @kikikiringring

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