Comiket 88 is over now, sadly enough, but the Internet is still awash in the afterglow of dojinshi and cosplay. Of course, everyone is already looking forward to the next event this winter, from cosplayers to artists to taxi drivers.

Yes, you read that right, it seems that fans and artists aren’t the only ones who love Comiket! Apparently the massive event draws taxi drivers from all over Tokyo because it’s the best place to make money, according to one tweet that captured a ton of attention in Japan last weekend.

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“A taxi driver in front of Big Sight [where Comiket is held] told me, ‘Over these three days, all the taxis in the city congregate here, so there aren’t any taxis in the city center.’
I asked him, ‘So, wouldn’t you be able to make a ton of money picking up all the passengers in the city center?’
‘Even then, it can’t beat this place.’
>Can’t beat this place! <
 ̄^Y^Y^YY^YY^ ̄”

While it’s hard to imagine that having your pick of customers in the center of Tokyo would be less profitable than Comiket, it certainly seems to be the case, at least for one taxi driver. But we have to admit that it does make sense — there are just so many people coming and going to and from Big Sight that we imagine there’s just not enough taxis for everyone! And when you consider how tightly packed the trains are, it makes even more sense.

Hm…maybe it’s time for RocketNews24 to start its own Uber-like Comiket-limited taxi service. “From door to door with Mr. Sato!” Well, we might need to work on the slogan a bit, but who wouldn’t want to be chauffeured to Comiket by our very own dashing and charming reporter extraordinaire? Throw in an extra ten dollars, and he might even eat a few hundred slices of cheese for you.

▼ Seriously, look at all these potential customers!


Internet commenters weren’t exactly surprised by this news.

“Yeah, that makes sense for Comiket. In a number of ways.”
“The economic power of Comiket is simply amazing!”
“It’s because going home by taxi is just so much easier.”
“Thank you for all your hard work, taxi drivers!”
“Hm. If everyone just went to Comiket then, they’d be able to get a taxi! LOL”
“Comiket is truly peerless!”
“People really spend a lot at Comiket, don’t they? I had thought they were just passing it around inside the community, but if it’s also going to others around the event, that’s not bad at all.”
“I caught a taxi that had come from Tochigi. According to the driver, taxis come from all over the country.”
“Please use the city buses too!!”

We can only imagine that when you’re carrying cosplay gear, newly bought comics, or comics to sell, lugging everything on the train is simply exhausting. It makes sense that people would prefer an expensive but relaxing taxi ride.

If you’ve been to Comiket, be sure to let us know what mode of transportation you took in the comments section below!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter (@jirutaro)
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